Saturday, April 22, 2017

Nightbringer (USA) – Terra Damnata 14.04.2017

Nightbringer (USA) – Terra Damnata 14.04.2017
Season Of Mist

Nightbringer from Colorado, USA was born in 1999 by Naas Alcameth who have or has a few other projects, like Akhlys; Bestia Arcana (with other Nightbringer members) and Nox Corvus who went to his own path. Now in 2017 after they ate a lot of members with a lot of split and four full length is a quintet including for example Menthor, who is the drummer in Lvcifyre and much more.

Five members in a Black Metal band never sounds too good and in case of Nightbringer is fairly true. United States created with great Death Metal bands, but only a few evaluable Black Metal bands. First, I think they really want to follow European Black Metal, but the well-known, mainstream way such as Dimmu Borgir; early Cradle Of Filth; late Emperor or newer Dark Funeral. Their music is too complex and want to be very evil, but they just uses boring, meaningless themes.

I acknowledge their knowledge in occult and music too, but not in creating of Black Metal. For that need something more to know in the dimensions of spiritual blackness. There were/are and will a lot of great Black Metal bands in whole world, but much more so called Black Metal bands whose don't understand the creativity of black

There are a lot of bands whose start their existence under the veil of any other “bigger” band, but can grow through above this child disease and from servant become the master. In case of Nightbringer was not so successful this event even they are at fifth full length.

Dense, complex music with a lot of keyboard. Including a lot of blastbeat, but also doomy slowing, ramming, shallow creeping. The only song that I can highlight is the sixth 'Inheritor of a Dying World' all other songs just for mainstream lovers.                                                    

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